1. Photocopies of most recent Annual Report or Financial Statements;
  2. Federal Tax I.D. Number (EIN);
  3. Name, title and address of company’s signatory for the immigration forms;
  4. Name and address of company’s headquarters;
  5. Year, city and state company was established;
  6. Current number of employees;
  7. Confirmation of foreign national’s annual salary;
  8. Confirmation of foreign national’s work address;
  9. Photocopies of company’s marketing brochures, certificate and articles of incorporation, etc.;
  10. Check in the amount of $480.00, payable to US CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES to cover the applicable filing fee.


  1. Your U.S. Address and telephone number;
  2. Full name, date of birth, and country of birth of spouse and children, if applicable;
  3. Photocopies of all passport pages, visas, and front and back of Form I-94 card (white card received at the airport);
  4. Photocopies of all Form I-797 (Notice of Actions) or Form I-20 Student evidencing past visa status in the United States;
  5. Photocopies of W-2 forms with Petitioner since the year the Labor Certification was filed;
  6. Photocopies of this month’s pay statements with Petitioner;
  7. Signed letter from previous employer(s) evidencing employment to show you meet the requirements listed on the Form ETA-9089;


This e-mail does not constitute direct legal advice and is for informational purposes only. The information provided should never replace informed counsel when specific immigration-related guidance is needed.
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WHEN YOUR PRIORITY DATE IS CURRENT (We will contact you as soon as it is current, but please start to assemble the following documents now)


  1. Completed Immigration Questionnaire for each applicant (form attached). It is important that all questions are answered completely and legibly. The answers you provide will be used to complete the immigration forms for your application. We specifically need to know your address for the last 5 years (with dates), full names and biographical information for immediate family members (spouses, children, parents), whether you/your spouse have been previously married, whether you or any of your family members have been arrested for ANY reason;
  2. Photocopies of all passport pages, visas, and front and back of Form I-94 card (white card received at the airport) for each applicant;
  3. Photocopies of all Form I-797 (Notice of Actions) or Form I-20 Student evidencing past visa status in the United States for each applicant;
  4. Photocopies of long-form birth certificates with certified English translation for each applicant;
  5. If family members are applying for permanent residency with you, please also forward copies of the following:
    1. Your Federal Income Tax Returns and W-2 Forms for the last 3 years;
    2. Photocopies of marriage certificates with certified English translation;
    3. Photocopies of termination decrees for past marriages with certified English translation, if applicable
  6. 6 passport photos for each applicant;
  7. Sealed Medical Examination Results from one of the Immigration-approved Physicians listed on the enclosed sheet. Each applicant will need to make an appointment with one of the doctors listed, and take the Form I-693 and Supplement Form for the doctor to complete. We will provide the Form and Supplement to you when we mail all forms for signature. The doctor will also have this available at their office. Please do not open the envelope. We will submit the sealed envelope together with the requested forms and supporting documentation. For a list of approved physicians near you, please visit the CIS website at;
  8. If you have been arrested for any reason (including traffic offenses) - please obtain court-certified documents of the arrest and disposition and immediately notify our office by phone/email and send us copies by mail. Failure to do so may affect the processing of your case;
  9. Checks or money orders payable to U.S. CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION SERVICE to cover the applicable immigration filing fees:
    $1,070.00 for each I-485 green card application ($600.00 for children age 13 or under if filing with one parent, otherwise $930.00 if filing separately)
English translations must be provided for any foreign language documents

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