A. CORPORATE (Prospective U.S. employer):

  1. Certificate and Articles of Incorporation;
  2. Employer's Federal Tax Identification Number;
  3. Current annual report and/or audited financial statement, or federal corporate income tax return;
  4. Lease or deed for business premises;
  5. Any available promotional pamphlets and brochures which describe the company and its various products, service, etc;
  6. A complete job description for the individual's proposed position — including a list of all job duties; title of immediate supervisor, number and title of persons supervised, and annual salary and benefits information; and
  7. Full name and title of contact person at company who will coordinate paperwork and the full name and title of the company's authorized signatory for documents.

B. INDIVIDUAL (Foreign national)

  1. Completed General Immigration Questionnaire and Completed Labor Certification Questionnaire;
  2. Photocopies of individual's passport and those of his immediate family members who will accompany him to the United States;
  3. Individual's resume, curriculum vitae, etc.;
  4. Photocopy of individual's university or trade school diplomas and certificates, and course transcripts, if available;
  5. Photocopy of individual's professional licenses, professional society membership certificates or cards, etc; and
  6. Any available reference letters verifying the individual’s prior work history.
If possible, English translations should be provided for any foreign language documents.
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