• Photocopies of most recent Annual Report or Financial Statements
  • Federal Tax I.D. Number (EIN)
  • Name, title and address of company’s signatory for the immigration forms
  • Name and address of company’s headquarters
  • Year, city and state company was established
  • Current number of employees
  • Proposed job title for the foreign national
  • Complete job description of the proposed position
  • Salary offered to the foreign national
  • Address of proposed work location
  • Company’s minimum requirements to fill this position
  • Photocopies of company’s marketing brochures, certificate and articles of incorporation, etc.
  • Anticipated start date


  • Completed Immigration Questionnaire (form attached)
  • Individual’s foreign address and telephone number
  • Preferred place of entry/processing of TN petition, such as an airport or port-of-entry
  • Evidence of individual’s Canadian citizenship, such as passport biographic page or birth certificate
  • Photocopies of individual's passport pages evidencing all prior entries into the U.S. using a U.S. visa
  • If presently in the U.S., please forward copies of the front and back of the white Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record card showing most recent entry into the U.S.
  • Photocopies of individual's university or trade school diplomas and certificates, with course transcripts
  • Individual's resume, curriculum vitae, etc.
  • Photocopies of the individual’s prior Form I-797 (Notice of Approval) or other immigration issued documents evidencing prior and current visa status in the United States, if applicable
  • Photocopies of the individual’s last 2 pay statements with current employer
  • Photocopy of most recently available governmental income tax withholding form (U.S. "W 2" Wage and Tax Withholding Statement, Canadian "T 4," British "P60" or Australian "Group Certificate", or similar foreign tax authority document) showing year, name of foreign employer, name of employee, salary paid, tax withheld, etc.
If possible, English translations should be provided for any foreign language documents


This e-mail does not constitute direct legal advice and is for informational purposes only. The information provided should never replace informed counsel when specific immigration-related guidance is needed.
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