Questions About the Trainee

1. Name of Applicant.

2. Date of Birth.

3. City and Country of Birth.

4. Country of Citizenship.

5. Address and Phone Number.

6. Email Address.

7. Do you have any dependants?
If yes, will they accompany you to the United States?

8. Have you visited the United States in past?
If yes, in what status?What was the date of your entry and departure?
Please send us a copy of your I-94 card and visa?

9. Have you ever been denied a visa to the United States?

10. How did you learn of this internship?

Please have the trainee send us a current resume or curriculum vitae, along with a letter of reference and a letter from their school confirming full time enrollment. If the trainee is not in school, they will need to provide two letters of reference.

Questions About the Employer

1. Complete name of the company, address, and phone number.

2. Address where the trainee will be working.

3. Type of Business or Product.

4. Number of Employees.

5. Name of the person who will be the trainee’s supervisor.
Phone Number
Fax Number
Email Address

6. Training Position.

7. Dates of Training. From: ________ To: ___________

8. Why was this position chosen?

9. How was this trainee chosen by the company?

10. Please provide us with a detailed job description.

11. Will there be any orientation program?

12. Salary. (please specify weekly/bi-weekly/monthly).

13. Work Hours (i.e. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

14. Will the company provide assistance with locating housing?
How much is the cost of housing (estimated monthly cost)?
Will the company pay all or a portion of the housing costs?

15. How will the trainee get to work (i.e. rental car, bus, subway, co-worker, etc.)?
How much is the cost of transportation (estimated monthly cost)?
Will the company pay all or a portion of this cost?

16. Who will pay for travel costs to and from the U.S.?

17. Other Benefits (i.e. use of an employer owned vehicle, tools, uniform). Please include value of each.

18. Health/Accident Insurance. We recommend that the Company purchase insurance through AIPT in order to meet the required US Federal Regulations, which are: Medical and Accident - $50,000; Medical Evacuation - $10,000; and Repatriation - $10,000. If the company’s insurance coverage meets or exceeds these levels, please provide us with a copy of the insurance agreement.

19. What is the nearest airport to the location of employment?

Please forward us a copy of any agreements or contracts between the trainee and the company, if there is one.
If you would like further information about specific case scenarios or situations, please call our office or email us at to speak to one of experienced immigration attorneys.


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