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05/10/2012 Jessica Colotl, Paralegal Assistant at KIP, Talks about How Her Case Has Changed Her Life
05/08/2012 Jessica Colotl Case Deferred for the Third Time
05/08/2012 Jessica Colotl Given Another Year in the United States
05/07/2012 As Reported to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jessica Colotl Granted Reprieve Once Again
05/07/2012 Kennesaw Graduate's Deportation Case Delayed Again. Charles Kuck Comments.
05/07/2012 Charles Kuck Discusses How People Are Affected, Even When Their Deportation Case is Halted
04/24/2012 What Does Managing Partner Charles Kuck Think the Appeals Court Will Do with the Supreme Court Ruling?
04/07/2012 "We Must Inspire Hope." - Charles Kuck. Read More.
02/18/2012 Charles Kuck Named 2012 Georgia Super Lawyer!
04/05/2012 "What's Worse Than Kid's Without Hope? Nothing." Read More.
08/26/2011 Charles Kuck Helps Teen Clients Get out of Detention, while U.S. Immigration Policy is Changing
06/14/2011 Charles Kuck's Advice to Undocumented Parents
05/11/2011 Charles Kuck Comment to Brigham Young University's Daily Universe on how the Utah Compact has affected Georgia
05/13/2011 Charles Kuck Comment to Georgia Public Broadcasting on Why HB 87 is Constitutional
05/13/2011 Charles Kuck Responds to Nathan Deal Signing the HB 87 Bill
05/12/2011 Charles Kuck Comments to the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Plans to File a Lawsuit against HB 87
05/01/2011 Charles Kuck Comments on the Release of Training Materials to Adjudicators
04/26/2011 Charles Kuck Interviewed by WSB-TV on Legal Challenges of HB 87
04/14/2011 Charles Kuck Remarks to the L.A. Times on Georgia's Passing of Arizona-Style Immigration Style
02/17/2011 Charles Kuck Comments on the Budget and Its Effect on Border Security
02/15/2011 Charles Kuck Comments on Jessica Colotl Case
02/12/2011 Charles Kuck Comments on How to Fix Flawed Start-Up Visa Act
02/11/2011 Charles Kuck Testifies on HB 87 Bill Before Georgia Congress
02/05/2011 Charles Kuck Debates D.A. King on 11 Alive Regarding the New Georgia Bill
02/04/2011 Charles Kuck Comments to 11 Alive Regarding HB 87
02/04/2011 Charles Kuck Comments on Immigration Bill in Georgia
02/03/2011 Charles Kuck Quoted on Employer Checks and the New Georgia Bill
01/04/2011 Why A Company Should NOT Self-Audit - a Blog by Charles Kuck
10/01/2010 Charles Kuck speaks to Utah Chamber of Congress!
09/27/2010 Growing Illegal Immigration Backlog in Court
09/07/2010 Our Client has the Grades, Not the Papers - Charles Kuck Comments
06/15/2010 Kuck Immigration Partners Ranked in Chambers and Partners Best Attorneys in Georgia!
05/29/2010 Attorney Janeen Hicks Speaks Out on the AZ Law and Its Effect in North Carolina
04/19/2010 Charles Kuck Discusses Immigration Reform in the Presidential Administration
01/23/2010 CNN Transcript on the Haitian TPS
08/21/2009 Kuck Immigration Partners LLC - Mid-August Newsletter
08/17/2009 Atlanta Lawyer to Represent Megahed in Deportation Case
08/05/2009 August 2009 Newsletter
07/23/2009 Kuck Immigration Partners LLC - Mid-July Newsletter
07/02/2009 Charles H. Kuck and Marc Amos Win Asylum Case!
07/02/2009 Kuck Immigration Partners LLC July 2009 Newsletter
06/03/2009 Kuck Immigration Partners - June 2009 Newsletter
06/02/2009 DHS Begins Test of Biometric Exit Procedures at Two U.S. Airports
05/06/2009 Kuck Immigration Partners LLC May 2009 Newsletter
04/02/2009 Kuck Casablanca LLC April 2009 Newsletter?
02/23/2009 Charles Kuck Speaks on Utah's Public Radio about the Pros and Cons of Immigration
11/11/2008 Immigration Law for Paralegals - written by Marisa Casablanca
09/30/2008 Marisa Casablanca Named Florida Super Lawyer 2008
08/23/2008 Immigration agency vows more enforcement

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