Becca Rees Atlanta  - Becca Rees

Ms. Becca Rees

365 Northridge Road, Suite 300

Atlanta, Georgia 30350

Direct Dial - (801) 989-5706

Tel - (404) 816-8611


Ms. Becca Rees is the Creative and Web Director for Kuck Immigration Partners LLC. She is responsible for the overall creative output of Kuck Immigration Partners, with oversight of creative teams and creative processes; the ideation, presentation and execution of branding and advertisement campaigns; and the profitability and creative quality of said advertisement campaigns. She also manages and maintains Kuck Immigration Partners' website, social media platforms, and SEO for the firm. She is the firm's Press Release writer and contact.
Ms. Rees has approximately ten years of office experience, with specializations in advertisement copy, graphic design, web coding, web design, marketing, start-up, bookkeeping, office management, organizational effectiveness, and photography. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University in 2011.
Ms. Rees has a working knowledge of the German language.

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