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Mrs. Yesica Murillo

365 Northridge Road, Suite 300

Atlanta, Georgia 30350

Direct Dial - (404) 949-8174

Tel - (404) 816-8611


Mrs. Yesica Murillo graduated in IPAE - Business Administration in Lima - Peru in 1994. She studied Business & Marketing at the University San Martin in Lima - Peru in 1998 and she also took several courses on Stock Exchange, Finances and Control in the Universidad Pacifico del Peru.


Mrs. Yesica Murillo experience is Business & Marketing, she worked for 7 years at Cox Communications - Mundo Hispanico Newspaper as an account executive managing big accounts focusing on accounts of legal area (lawyers) and clinics. Mrs. Yesica Murillo also had to experience in radio, she worked for 2 years at Clear Channel Radio as an account executive managing accounts of lawyers of all specializations. Also in 2014 she worked in Univision Atlanta as a business executive.
Now, Mrs. Yesica Murillo has her own Marketing company PA Media Marketing Group, managing lawyers accounts, clinics and currently managing Kuck Immigration Partners as the exclusive immigration attorney, handling all the negotiations with the media, visualization of new legal products, creating new ideas and working as a team with the company to educate the Hispanic community on immigration matters, creating meetings, forums, masive meetings to help our community.
Mrs. Murillo is very connected to our Hispanic community and has a lot of knowledge about what really works and how you should be held to have a successful campaign.


Mrs. Yesica Murillo was recognized in Lima Peru for being in the top 3 Executive Accounts of Santander Bank Mutual Funds in Peru.
Recognized for Cox - Mundo Hispano as 3th top account executive.
Recognized for Clear Channels awards for the best account excecutive of the Month .

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