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Mr. Baxter,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you in particular, and Kuck Immigration in general for the outcome of Robert's case. We believe whole heartedly that your reputation precedes you within immigration circles. I believe that the outcome may have been different if [we] had used anyone else.


Thank you for everything you have done for us! We appreciate you taking your time and effort out of your very busy schedule to help Youssef in the Immigration case. We also would like to thank you so much on behalf of all my family members and personally for your kind support and assistance with our son during this case.

Also wanted to mention that my family and I are very grateful and proud of your support and your effort that we believe you have done an outstanding and unbelievable great job studying the case of my son Youssef to find the full truth behind this case and to give him his freedom. You don't know how happy I am for your success in this case. It brings tears to my eyes to see Youssef this happy! GOD is good, and so are you!

Many More Happy Returns of Success to the greatest C. Kuck.

First let me say thank you for the hard work and dedication. You all in more ways than one add new meaning to the word teamwork. Joyce, Leslie, my son Delon and I really appreciate the time and effort that you put in my case. You guys have proven to be professionals as well as people who care and for that we are thankful...I have found strength in the confidence that you instilled in me that we would be successful in the end. Your hard work and professionalism have given me this success.

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service that I received from your firm. When we met with you, you were respectful to both of us. Your website and document preparation was great. It really helped me put the petition together. The paralegals were very nice and responsive to questions. I really had the feeling that they were on top of things. When the time came to pay my retainer for the hearing, I was worried that my check might not be applied in time since the name on the check was different than the name on the file. Your billing office emailed me when they received the check. The letter I received before the hearing was very professional, organized, and helped me gather and organize my documents for the hearing.

Danielle Conley did a great job preparing us for the hearing. She really helped to put everyone at ease, and I felt confident that she could handle anything that would have come up during the hearing.

I knew that you would be a good attorney. What a client does not know is whether that translates into someone running a good practice. I just wanted you to know that I am very happy with your practice's professionalism and client service, and I really think that we received good value for our investment. Please thank your staff on behalf of my family.

I am guessing you've heard by now, I got approved! I just wanted to personally thank you for all your assistance, especially your patience with me. You've been very good to me Alex and I really, really appreciated that. You are a wonderful person, and your firm was great to work with! See you in a couple of years when we file for removal of condition!

Dear Charles and Shelly, I am writing to let you know that earlier today I was naturalized as a US citizen at a ceremony in Brooklyn. I am, of course, very pleased; after all, I've lived in the States for a very long time! The process went relatively fast -- from filing in late January until today. I am letting you know the good news. I will always be grateful for all your assistance and advice through the years with my Green Card and other immigration questions. Thank you again for your help and friendship.

Charles, I wanted to thank you for all your help throughout the years gone by. On August 27th, my wife and I became American citizens. A long journey with a wonderful conclusion. You were with us all the way and we appreciate you very much. You always responded “personally" to my voicemails and emails. You deserve all the good stuff we keep reading about you. Keep up the excellent work and again….THANK YOU!!!!!

Extremely happy to let you know that I got my Green Card on Saturday... Please accept my thanks for working so hard on my case and making this happen! Thank you guys... You guys are awesome!!"

I have finally become a US citizen! You played a very important role in this. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much to [Charles Kuck and Dustin Baxter]!!! You gave me hope to hold onto through, even though everything seemed to be hopeless... 2 years & 8 months. My son will finally get to spend so quality time with his dad! My family is whole again because you help me through all of this!

You must have worked some magic again... because our green cards arrived yesterday! The entire process took less than 2 months (which is unbelievable) and I wanted to recognize you for the tremendous support. You have been extremely thorough, professional, always had the answers to my queries and have responded with urgency. In short - you've been completely on top of everything!! You are awesome!

You did a great job with my husband and my case. Gregory and I remain forever thankful to you. I have recommended quite a few people to you and all have nothing but nice things to say about you.

You guys were great! It was an excellent service. You will be expecting a few calls soon from my colleagues. Thank you so much for your quality and professional service. Regards.

I have been a client of yours for many years... the professionalism and service is outstanding and tops... and I wholeheartedly recommend KUCK IMMIGRATION PARTNERS LLC... with you guys, WE ARE IN GREAT HANDS!!

Thank you very much indeed!!! Congratulations to your good self and Shelly! For us it is a very very big deed done, although for your esteemed organization, it might just be yet a very small feather added to the cap Thanks Again!!!!

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