A Discussion on Fox News – Atlanta About Immigration

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You know, when you appear on Fox News that the questions are going to be tough. That is what I love about this discussion–Tough questions, Tough answers:

Russ and I spoke both before and after this segment about Immigration and Immigration Reform. What I admire about him, is that he get both sides of the debate and understands that we are all going to have to settle somewhere in the middle.

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  1. That is right, many and many people came here legally, but then they overstayed their visa for many different kinds of reason.
    I am one of them.
    Came here as a student, but that was not my reason. I am a guy and fell in love with an American guy. And so my reason to come here was to be with man that I loved at that time.
    I left my business, my career, my family , just to be with him. After about 9 months, he dumped me when I had nothing. I couldnt go back to my country. The first because I am gay, and the second, I had no money, at that time only about $50 and ticket to go home.

    My point here is that so many people like me, came here legally but because some reason they have to overstay their visa. I could be a king in my country , but here I am just dishwasher.

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