An Open Letter to Senator Isakson

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Lino Rodriguez, an attorney at Kuck Immigration Partners, responds to Senator Isakson’s Mean spirited response to a request that he be a DREAM Act Sponsor

Dear Senator Isakson,

First off let me say that I hope, and pray, that the DREAM Act succeeds, as it is both fiscally and humanely a step in the right direction. As a constituent I am deeply disappointed in your stance on the matter. In your e-mail you write:

• “I believe the DREAM Act would reward those who have obtained an education in a system in which they have not contributed.”

With all due respect, this is simply not the truth. These children and their parents pay into our system daily through sales taxes, property taxes, and even income taxes (through the use a Tax ID number). Moreover, these families boost our economy through their day to day spending. To say that they have not contributed to the system is a gross overstatement.

Many of these young adults have taken it upon themselves to continue their education while paying out of state tuition to simply be met with a dead end. This money is, again, a large contribution to the “system” you mention.

To punish these children for their parents’ illegal entry when they were just minors is truly unconscionable. Can you honestly tell me that these minors should have looked up at their mother or father at the border and said, “This is not a good idea, we should probably turn around.” That is, simply, absurd. We should be encouraging these individuals to become productive members of our society; which is exactly what the DREAM Act would create.

What we are creating for these kids, “Americans” for all intents and purposes, is a situation where they have nothing for which to strive. The DREAM Act would strengthen our country by creating a more educated populace, strengthen our military by opening up a pool of would be applicant, and create a sense of hope in an entire generation of immigrant children.

Those that would seek the protection of the DREAM Act are not here by choice, yet we are treating them as if they made the choice to come to the United States illegally. They are stuck through no fault of their own. Instead of punishing them for something they had no control over; let’s reward them for their good character and drive to become productive, educated, members of our society.

Thank you for your time.


Lino R. Rodriguez, Jr., Esq.

Here is the email Lino received from Senator Isakson:

Dear Mr. Rodriguez:

As someone who has contacted me in the past about immigration issues, I thought you would find the following update interesting. If you do not want to receive this type of update in the future, please fill out the webform on my website and choose “DO NOT SEND ISSUE UPDATES” from the drop down topic list.

On Tuesday, November 30th, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) filed a new version of the so-called DREAM Act, which would create a path to conditional legal status for some undocumented children of illegal immigrants who go to college or join the military. Senator Reid is expected to seek a procedural vote to allow the measure to proceed on Thursday.

While I understand the complex details of students who are seeking financial assistance for educational purposes who were brought to this country by their parents without a choice, I will not support programs that reward illegal activity. I believe the DREAM Act would reward those who have obtained an education in a system in which they have not contributed.

I have always stood firm on pushing the Senate to secure our borders and have always drawn a clear distinction between legal and illegal immigration. Those individuals who come to our country legally and obey our laws should be welcomed. But at the same time we must secure our borders and end the opportunity of illegal entry. I will therefore vote against the procedural motion to allow debate on the DREAM Act to proceed.

I further believe that this is the wrong time to be considering such legislation and the Senate’s first priority during this lame duck session should be to extend the expiring tax cuts immediately. It would be unconscionable to raise taxes on any American during these tough economic times.

Thank you again for contacting me. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Johnny Isakson
United States Senator

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  1. Senator Isakson obviously puts cutting taxes for the richest Americans ahead of the goal of helping sincere students who have fallen on the wrong side of the immigration laws though no fault of their own. This is beyond mean-spirited. It is a symbol of the worst that America has to offer to its people and the world.

    Roger Algase, Attorney at Law

  2. Well, back to the drawing board. These Christ-professing conservatives still haven't been touched by grace and everyone's need for it. Law over grace – isn't that what Islamic Sharia all about? It isn't just coming to America; it's here in the rigid thinking of the conservative politicians.

    Dave Anderson

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