Head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Resigns

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For those who missed the news yesterday, the acting director of ICE, John Sandweg will resign this Friday, just six months after appointment and five months on the job.  Sandweg’s appointment was highly criticized in the first place due to his complete and utter lack of experience.  Sandweg had previously worked as a criminal defense lawyer, and had no experience whatsoever in law enforcement.  In my opinion Sandweg’s appointment showed a clear lack of leadership and direction in the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, and was a clear sign that favoritism sadly trumps qualifications in many government circles.
Surely Sandweg had to know that he wasn’t qualified for the position, and that he had basically been handed the opportunity of a lifetime.  The question is, how bad is it within the ranks of ICE as an organization that Sandweg would abandon the career-maker opportunity and jump ship without explanation?  This has to be embarrassing to DHS and ICE specifically.  I hope that they learn from this and actually select an experienced and knowledgeable individual to lead, instead of Napolitano’s second best friend. 
I was originally planning on writing eight paragraphs on the resignation and what this means for ICE, but I think I’m going to “Sandweg it” and cut this baby short.

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