TPS for Syria Renewed!

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Yesterday USCIS announced that it would renew Temporary Protected Status for Syria, extending TPS for Syrians currently with TPS, but also including all eligible Syrians who are currently present in the United States as of January 5, 2015. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a temporary immigration benefit that allows qualified individuals from designated countries (or parts of those countries) who are in the United States to stay here for a limited time period.

The resignation period for TPS has been extended from April 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016. This permits Syrian nationals who were physically present in the United States on January 5, 2015 to register or re-register for TPS. Those currently on TPS status who wish to extend their status must re-register during the next 60 days, through March 6, 2015. This 18 month extension allows TPS re-registrants to apply for a new Employment Authorization Document (EAD).  Any re-registrations who do not receive their new EADs until after their current EAD expires will automatically get a 6 month extension on their current EADs.

This offers a great relief for Syrians who wish to extend their stay in the U.S. and are completely out of options, or who those who just need a backup to their plans. Whether you or someone you know is renewing their TPS or applying for the first time, it’s beneficial to consult with a qualified attorney to ensure eligibility and assist with proper filing.

As an Arabic-speaking immigration attorney with years of experience, and specifically with TPS and Asylum, I would be happy to assist with any questions regarding Syrian TPS or any other immigration question. Please feel free to contact me, Hiba Ghalib, at 404-949-8164 or email

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