If You Are in the U.S. on a Visa (or Without one), This is the Time to Fix Your Criminal Record

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Because of the ICE raids and tight immigration enforcement prevalent in Georgia in the recent months, it is imperative that all persons on visas (or even without them) take care of their criminal history. Were you ever convicted of a criminal offense? Talk to a criminal attorney to see if he can reduce the charge to a lesser offense or even vacate it (this basically means there would be no conviction in the end). Do you think you may have something on your criminal record? Don’t wait until ICE is knocking on your door or your visa is revoked, talk to a criminal attorney beforehand so that he can investigate what sort of offenses might be on your record.

Some people see themselves in a detention center before they had a chance to hire a criminal attorney to take care of that DUI or battery offense they were charged with decades ago. Nothing on your criminal record ever goes away–even if you pay all your fines or so probation; your criminal history is there for life.

We have clients come through our door who were convicted of a DUI over a decade ago and never thought of hiring a criminal attorney to fix their criminal record. Big mistake. Fifteen years later, ICE knocked on their door and detained them. If they had hired a criminal attorney years ago to take care of these issues, they would not have been detained and now they are at risk of never being able to return to the U.S.
If you think you or someone else may have a criminal record that may be a problem for immigration purposes, please contact an immigration attorney or a criminal attorney to discuss their options.
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