Thursday Update on In-State Tuition Final Order for Qualified DACA Recipients

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Tonight I am finalizing our Emergency Motion for Contempt, seeking to hold the Board of Regents in Contempt for failure to comply with Judge Tusan’s Final Order of December 30, 2016.  The Court of Appeals has not yet ruled on the Board of Regents Amended Emergency Motion for Supersedeas (stay of the final order). Even by the Board of Regents erroneous calculation, their 10 day period to comply with the Final Order ends tomorrow.

I do not know when Judge Tusan will rule on our Motion for Contempt.  Monday is a federal and state holiday (MLK Day).  I expect, that absent the grant of a stay by the Court of Appeals stopping the effect of Judge Tusan’s order, that on Tuesday, January 17, the Board of Regents will accept in-state tuition payments from qualified DACA students.  I am also working, along with the leaders of GUYA, the Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance, to develop a plan so that everyone who should have been able to pay in-state tuition this semester will still be able to do so, and to take the classes they want to take.  We will know all these answers by Tuesday.

The only thing we don’t know is whether the Georgia Court of Appeals will grant the Board of Regents a reprieve before Tuesday. Let’s pray they do not.   Keep the Faith!

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