If You Are An Immigrant (even a US Citizen), Here Are 9 Things You Should Know

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Are you a Naturalized U.S. Citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident, Visa Holder, or an Undocumented Immigrant? We recommend you take the following steps to protect yourself in our current version of America.

The last couple of weeks have reminded immigrants, even naturalized U.S. citizens, that they were not born in the United States. Our office has received countless phone calls, emails, and social media messages from people worrying about what their family’s future in the United States holds.
Most people want to know what they can do now to protect themselves from what promises to be a wave of anti-immigration activity by the federal government. Trump’s Executive Order on Interior Enforcement has some provisions that should make most Americans shiver.  We recommend the following actions for each of the following groups:

  1. Naturalized U.S. citizens. In particular if you have a foreign accent, and you are traveling within 100 miles of any US Border (including the oceans), we strongly recommend carrying with you your US passport, or passport card, or a photocopy of your naturalization certificate. Because of the unpredictability of the current situation, we recommend keeping a photocopy of these documents in a safe place at your home, so that if necessary, someone will have access to it.  You may very well need to prove your US Citizenship. 
  2.  Permanent residents. Most people don’t know this, but federal law requires that anyone who is NOT a US Citizen is required to carry with them at all times, evidence of their lawful status. You can see that for yourself at 8 USC 1304(e).   So, carry your green card with you at all times! You should also keep a photocopy of your green card in a safe place at home so that it can be accessed by someone in case you lose your card and you need it to identify yourself.  Don’t forget about that 100 mile constitution free zone!   You should also renew your green card a full 6 months before expiration.  Don’t wait!  If your green card has expired, renew it now. And, if it is not obvious at this point, you should start the process to naturalize immediately!  
  3. Lawfully present nonimmigrants (e.g. DACA, U Visa, EADs, Visitors, Students, H1Bs, etc.). Carry with you at all times your Employment Authorization Document, I-94 card, passport with entry stamp, or other proof of lawful presence (see the law above). Carry the original with you and keep a photocopy in a safe place at home, especially if you are within the 100 mile border area (more than 60% of the US population lives in this zone).  
  4. Undocumented immigrants in the US for more than two years. Keep with you at all times evidence that you have been present for at least two years. Why?  Because President Trump just ordered DHS to examine activating a never used provision in immigration law that allows for the immediate removal from the US of anyone who cannot prove they have been here for two years (absent a claim for asylum).  We do not know when ICE or CBP might activate the change, but we need to be prepared.  Evidence that you might want with you are utility bills, receipts, Facebook posts, mail or any other documentation with your name going back two years, BUT, be very careful of using pay stubs if you have used false documents or information to get your job, as those are prosecutable offenses.  Again you should also keep this information at home so that it is accessible to someone who can help you.  Keep a photocopy at home. And, make sure you have a family plan in place to call for legal assistance if you fail to return home as usual.  
  5. Undocumented immigrants in the US for less than two years.  The bad news is that you need a plan in place on what will happen to your belongings and your family if you do not return home from work, shopping, or school.  Make sure your relatives know they can look for your name on the ICE detainee website.  We assume that ICE and CBP will not release you on bond, and that if you have a fear or returning home, you will need to be VERY vocal about letting everyone know if you are detained.
  6. Undocumented Immigrants with 10 years in the United States and children.  You are eligible for Cancellation of Removal, and release on bond.  Begin now to prepare the paperwork you will need to secure a bond, and to prove your case.  You can read more about this process here. Don’t be caught unprepared!  
  7. Non-US Citizens (Permanent Residents, Visa Holders, and Undocumented Immigrants) who have a criminal convictions OR are arrested.  If you have a criminal conviction, or are even arrested for a crime, ICE has begun to detain people in this category and has released only a very few on bond. If you have relief from removal, you are eligible for bond, but, depending on where you are, you may not be released.  Prepare for this by saving money for bond now, and have the paperwork organized so that our attorneys can quickly help seek a bond.   
  8. Undocumented Immigrants with prior deportation orders.  If you have a prior deportation order and have returned to the United States, you are subject to prosecution by the federal government for the crime of reentry after deportation.  President Trump has ordered his U.S. Attorneys to increase the number of people charged with this crime. Depending on WHY you were deported (for example a serious criminal offense), you can spend up to five years in federal prison for reentering the US.  Again, make your plans now about how you want to deal with this situation. If you have a deportation order and never left, NOW is the time to speak to an immigration attorney and seek advice about your options to reopen your deportation case.  
  9. For those Arrested by ICE, especially for the undocumented–Have a plan in place. Decide now who picks up the kids from school/daycare, who will be authorized to do so with the school, who to contact first, have a power of attorney prepared for this.  In the last few weeks we have heard of parents being picked up at school bus stops and at work and home while the kids are in school. Once it happens, there is no time to make arrangements.

Also, do your research now into immigration attorneys that you may call in a moment’s notice. Keep their phone number handy and ready for family and friends to use.  Or better yet, go see an excellent immigration attorney now and see what options you may have available to you.  
We give these warnings because we want people to be prepared NOT scared.  Preparation will ensure that your family is protected. Contact us a 404-816-8611 or ckuck@immigration.net or jgavilanes@immigration.net, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your status. 

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  1. I resent being told as a permanent resident to naturalize now. That man is not going to intimidate me into doing something I have not done for more than 20 years in the US. It is way easier for me to travel with a passport and green card than it would be with a US passport, especially now with our president making no friends in other countries. If my legitimacy in this country is questioned, then I will fight.

    1. Hello my wife is an American Born citizen and we have four children but I wasn’t present in my first sons birth (19yrs) and will start the adoption papers to give him my last name. When he turns 21 can he legally fix my immigration status even though I was once deported well under Obama they made us sign a voluntary deportation papers where we wouldn’t get bared, that was 11 o 12 yrs ago. I did come come back illegally because my wife and children suffered really bad since I was the bread winner and she had been a housewife all our marriage. She fell into a huge depression when she couldn’t no longer pay for the cars, house etc. And having a two month old, she just went crazy. Please we need your help. Thank you

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    This is an excellent brief advisory on being an immigrant in the US of A, and applies whatever category — whether you are a citizen, legal resident or unauthorised.

    In these times of a President who appears to be anti-immigrant it helps to be prepared in case the worst thing happens.

    One could almost simply just apply the article to the UK/European immigration situation.

    One thing that could be added is to get the migrants' respective families, Embassies and countries to be prepared for the potentially huge influx of returned (deported) citizens and the impact on everything and everyone.

    1. My son a us citizen lives with and just had a baby her she is illegal how can we get her legal if she was deported she could take my grand son

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  3. Susan, I couldn't agree more with you on this! I'm glad I didn't naturalize years ago as soon as I could have. My Euro passport seems to be worth more than an American at the moment. I hate this kind of fear mongering. I'm a productive member of society, so if they don't want me here unless I'm a citizen, I'm not sure how comfortable I feel being here. Yes, this is definitely questioning our legitimacy, which I find quite disturbing. The US is slowly but surely isolating itself.

  4. As well as having paper copies of your documents at home, you should consider having digital copies stored online, on any safe cloud service you feel comfortable using (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). Easy to access from any device with internet connection. Just remember to choose a strong password 🙂

  5. Susan, I'm not an attorney and i can only share my personal experience. There are several countries which allow dual citizenship. I never lost the citizenship from the country where i was born. Again, I'm not an attorney but most countries will not revoke your citizenship if you were born there. I also have friends I the same situation. Depending on what's more "convenient" I / we could use either passport. For the most part US citizens can easily get into most countries but there are some where the other comes handy ? with this evil man in charge is safer to naturalize.

  6. Under Obama, anyone could travel with a valid passport, regardless of whether they had a valid visa. We have not heard whether TSA is changing that policy under Trump, but when we do, we will get the word out.

  7. Very interesting comment. I am curious as to where you got your law degree? I have had mine for 27 years, and have represented hundreds of lawful permanent residents in deportation proceedings over the years, becuase, we do indeed deport permanent residents, every day. This is not fear-mongering, this is information sharing, because knowledge is power.

  8. Charles Kuck excellent reply! Thank you for sharing this valuable information. Why are people in denial? Deportations have been happening in every presidential administration, perhaps not as public, but the Trump administration is all about show of power, it's happening, it won't go away, it's reality! Be ready, plan, be informed and prepared. Don't be afraid to initiate your naturalization process! Do it!!!

  9. As of today, those of us that carried I-94 no longer has the hard copy but online. Do we still have to print it out and keep it with us? Or would that be something that they can look it up online if investigating?

  10. Charles Kuck excellent reply and thank you for your concern! Why are people in denial? Deportations have been happening under previous presidential administrations, perhaps it not as public but the Trump Administration is definitely about "a show" of power. This is reality, it is happening, it won't go away. BE INFORMED, PLAN, ACT, BE PREPARED, DO !!!!!!

  11. Go ahead and travel. YOu are fine. Trump and his staff have made it clear that traveling as a permanent resident, so long as you have not criminal arrests or convictions since you became a permanent resident, are fine.

  12. Of course, you guys have your reasons and I absolutely respect that. However, having another passport such as a European passport to me doesn't seem like a good enough justification. If you naturalize, you will get full rights to protect yourself and your families (yes because if you can't be present this will affect your family considerably) from these crazy and racist measures this administration is taking. YOu can also partuicipate in the decisions that affect your life such as being able to vote and then depending on your country of citizenship, you may continue being a citizen of that country after becoming an American citizen, so you can have the best of both world. Having a US and a European passport sounds like a pretty amazing deal to me. My point is look at your options and make an informed decision, lwas change… dual citizenship is quite common. Now, if you've already done your research and you know you'd have to give up your current citizenship then that is another case. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but to suggest you look at pros and cons.

  13. What a sad state this is right now but might be a reminder not to take things for granted and for Americans to really get more involved again in civics going forward. Not leave it alone to a very small group of old people making bad decisions for you.

  14. Hello Charles,
    I am not a US citizen and do NOT live in the US. My children are Citizen by birth but live with me in Africa. I renew their passport here in US embassy in Africa. My daughter's first 5yrs passport is expiring and I need to renew the usual way, please what will you advice that I do apart from other usual preparations in view of the new anti-immigration President in town?

  15. I am a US citizen. If I ever leave the US, even for 1 meter outside border, I carry my passport. What does "within 100 miles of US border" mean? This was always the case, 1 mile or 1000 miles.

  16. This is a great question. The 100 mile zone is 100 miles INSIDE the US from any border, land or sea. In that HUGE space, where 60% of Americans live, ICE or CBP, can ask for your papers, with no probable case.

  17. The Netherlands, among others, does not allow dual citizenship (with some exceptions) so if a Dutch national gets USA citizenship they would lose their Dutch passport. And vice-versa.

  18. So you would rather put yourself through unnecessary hell instead of taking the advise given here? Do you understand that you are not anymore protected than someone who just became a legal resident? 20 years doesn't mean a citizen. Don't ve foolish! Don't try to fight when the current status isn't in your favor. After 20 years you may feel like a citizen just as much as someone who's born here but your documents say otherwise. Take this golden advise and protect yourself.

  19. Great Article, I would only suggest that you don't refer to the president as "Anti Immigrant". He's actually, as most Americans are, against immigrants that break the law by crossing the border illegally. So to be fair He's against illegal immigration not simply immigration or immigrants.

  20. The executive order immigration ban was not directed at illegal immigrants but at people who went through all the vetting and processes specified by the government; who were lawfully entering the United States when they were unceremoniously sent back with no notice.

  21. There are a lot of states whose licenses are not the correct type to fly with and will not be allowed to travel using just their license starting in 2018. If you don't have a passport get one! It's a very important document to have even if you don't plan on ever leaving the us!

  22. Hi, Chuck
    Long story short, my husband was a permanent resident in the US til he got into trouble 2005 and the immigration office revoked his green card and now he's on the deport list. But than his dad became US citizen in 1987 and his mom became US citizen in 1992. I don't when but there was a law stating that if one of your parents became a US citizen before you turned 18 your an automatically a citizen. Also his older brother went to do the citizenship 2 years ago and immigration people said to him that he didn't need to do the citizenship test cause his parents were US citizens before he turned 18 years. So, how is that my husband got deny to become a US citizen?

  23. Mr. Kuck, what would you recommend for the following situation: have TPS, married to a US citizen for 11 years and have a child together. Was not granted the petition requested because entered the US twice illegally. Options until now have been to stick with TPS and not leave the country or go back and wait up to 10 years possibly for the "punishment". It would be difficult for the family to keep their head above water without that person and not to mention the strain on the relationship.

  24. Claudia, if you entered the US twice without inspection, then you are permanently barred from getting a green card through your spouse, and can only ask for forgiveness AFTER you have lived in your home country for 10 years. There is no way around that bar. Perhaps Congress will fix this law that prohibits millions of people from legally immigrating.

  25. OMG! This is the BEST article I've ever read and it was giving me goosebumps as i went along. Like the silver lining in this desperate situation I'm in. I NEED YOUR HELP BADLY ! And, have no fear i have NO criminal record at all just purely a good person with good moral character.

  26. Hello Kuck,
    once again thanks for your invaluable service to the immigrant community.
    I've been a permanent resident for 10 years now, I recently applied for citizenship; however, due to the heavy backlog triggered by the election there's a substantial processing delay. I have had my fingerprints taken though and just waiting to be tested. The thing is my permanent resident card expires in 2 months and I've been offered a job overseas. What should I do in that situation?

  27. Generally speaking, if you applies for citizenship more than 6 months prior to your green card expiration, go to USCIS in an infopass and they will extend your green card another 6-12 months to enable you to continue traveling. You should be naturalized within that time frame.

  28. Didn't want the blog too long. TPS is actually a type of nonimmigrant visa "status" per USCIS, so they should follow the advise I give for those with lawful status. They should carry their work card with them t all times

  29. My husband is a naturalized citizen, he does not have a passport. We were planning on getting one, but now we are concerned about applying for one and sending in his paperwork, which would leave him with nothing on hand. Can we use a legal copy rather than the original? He does not look or sound like what most consider a stereotypical immigrant, but just the same.

  30. Hi Charles. My mum is a green card holder and it will expire this year. She's due for her citizenship now but she can not speak English and they don't have interpreters in her language. She's 49 years old. So She will have to go thru all the process of getting the citizenship. What do you suggest we do?

  31. Hello, for K1 visa holders who already married a US citizen and are waiting to hear back from USCIS about the status of application for permanent residence, will the marriage certificate suffice as proof of legal presence if I-94 is already expired?

  32. What happens if a Green card holder who has been arrested since getting the green card, although not convicted. Does innocent until proven guilty still apply or did Trump just remove that? If that holder travels to some country other than the 7 in the EO, can they expect to be able to return home without issue?

  33. The return question is what, exactly is the crime for which the person who is arrested? If a person is an LPR, then a mere arrest cannot lead to deportation, BUT a mere arrest can result in extended questioning at the airport when returning because of the different standards between deportation and exclusion. We strongly recommend NOT traveling while a criminal case is pending

  34. Good day Sir, I will just ask regarding my b1/b2 tourist visa. I am planning to go in NYC next month march 2017 for a short vacation for 1 week to 10 days only, and Im here in saudi arabia as an overseaes worker and my nationality is filipino, do i have to worry upon entering US?

  35. I am naturalized US citizen born in Pakistan, and have been here for 20 years since I was 10 years old. My wife (US born citizen) and I had bought a honey moon trip to Greece in May. Can this be a problem? I have my passport and have never had problems with travel.

  36. I'm an US permanent resident and not born in any of the 7 countries that were listed in the travel ban. I had traveled to Libya in 2002, for 3 weeks on some business. That is 14 years back. This is will before I came to US for the first time as I came to the USA in 2006. Does the travel ban impacts only the citizens of the 7 affected countries or the people who visited to these 7 countries also get affected ? If the EO doesn't talks anything in matter, by considering that I have traveled to Libya in 2002, what do you advice on travelling outside US at this time ?

  37. Hello Chuck. I currently have no status here. I have a felony record but I've been here over 17 years. I still have a deportation order against me and I've tried to get it removed but the courts have denied even looking at my case again.

    My son is 11 years old and he has a severe medical condition, that can only be treated here (not in my country). I still report to immigration every 6 months. What do you suggest i do. What are my options.

  38. This is the kind of case that requires a meeting with an experienced immigration lawyer. Generally speaking, the only option is a "Stay of removal." But, as I noted in another blog. those are going to be hard to come by under Pres. Trump and his liberated ICE.

  39. Mr Kuck, I'd red the whole article and all the comments here in this blog. I just want to say thank you for all this information and for giving your time and your good advice to all these people who are confused, troubled and in need of help. I am not an american citizen, nor leaving in america, I'm a filipino residing in Philippines working as a seaman but have a US Visa C1D class, just for us transit if ever the vessel went to america. I have lots of relatives and friends leaving in america and all of them are us citizens now. I believe that this infos are very useful to all them. So I say thank you in behalf of all the immigrants leaving in america right now who are in need help. More power to you Sir.

  40. Thank you for this valuable information. I've had permanent resident card since 1985. Married for 17yrs to US citizen. Remarried now for 6 years to a US citizen. Was convicted of traffic felony. Going over 100mph in 2009. I never considered becoming a citizen but am really considering it now. Will I have a problem because of felony. Other than that, I've never been in trouble with the law. Raised 3 children, Worked and paid taxes all my life. Thank you in advance!

  41. My attorney requested that but i was denied as well. Now my drivers license expired and they are refusing to renew it because i need the work permit which homeland security also denied me twice. Do you have any suggestions for me. Thank you.

  42. Hello Chuck, thanks for this valuable information. I have an order of deportation. ICE tried deporting me despite me trying to appeal the criminal case they said I was deportable under. I cooperated but in their quest to get me a travel document from Liberia, my country of birth they failed bcus the Liberian consulate told them I'm not a citizen of Liberia bcus my father was a foreigner and not Liberian. I was released but the past 10 years I have been reporting to ICE. I have 5 children who are all US citizens. What are my options sir?

  43. Hi Charles, I need your help I claimed asylum at the port of entry and I av 6 months old US citizen with me. Am currently on a parole of 6 mnths to see a judge.wat are my chances and can I apply for school to check my status to F1 while I wait or just hold on. While my lawyer works on my case.

  44. Hello. I am a green card holder, but am outside the USA. I left for a semester in college, and plan to go back before the 6 months. My original plan was that I will return in the USA for the summer…and I need to go outside the USA again for another semester which would last 5months (my last semester in college).
    Will that be okay, or will I have a problem with that situation?

  45. Hi Charles,
    My dad is an immigrant but stayed in the Philippines for two years, my sister is planning to buy a ticket to US as she counsulted a lawayee and was advised that it is okay for him to go back (that consultation happened before trump became president) I want to know your thoughts about this on what my father would expect once he reaches USA again.your reply will be truely appreciated .Thanks!

  46. Hi Mr. Luck, thank you for the valuable information. My spouse and I went for our immigration interview on November 16th, 2016. We did well in the interview but forget to bring my spouse's 1st divorce decree (we thought the most current decree was sufficient) Anyways the sent us formal request for more evidence (decree) which we sent back on 11/23. My worry is that they have not responded and my uscis website still shows the invite for the interview. With the current state of affairs, should we be worried. I was given a work authorization card and advance parole. I have traveled abroad twice on the parole and got back (before 1/20) without a problem. Kindly advise.

  47. i have an adult child overseas and I filed for her in 2015,, would she be grandfathered in the system if they pass the bill to stop the filing for adult children?

  48. The First Lady was not born here, does she need to carry her passport, her son's passport and the passport of her stepchildren born by other foreign women when traveling a distance of 100 miles? Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  49. Great article!
    If one has been a US permanent resident since May 2011 and was arrested for DUI in Aug 2016, but the charges were reduced to reckless driving conviction… how would this affect that person's US residence and travel/deportability?


  50. you should meet with an immigration lawyer with experience to review this situation. Generally speaking permanent residents cannot be deported or denied entry for a DUI, but you will have to wait 5 years to become a citizen in some parts of the US, after your DUI.

  51. Thanks Charles. I am in the process of finding an immigration lawyer.
    To reiterate what you said – even with the President's new executive order on immigration, this DUI/reckless driving won't be a ground for deportation?


  52. I have 2 cousins with valid green cards that have been residing in their birth county, Italy for the last 2+ years. They are planning on coming to the US in June for my brother's wedding. Will they have difficulty upon re-entry?

  53. Hi, a friend won the dv visa lottery in 2003 but her case was not mentioned for visa because they claimed that a lot of people won the lottery that year in her country and so they stopped the issuing of visa before it reached her case number. She is in the US now for more than 2yrs with her kids. Is there any chance for a revisit on this issue. Thank you.

  54. Hi, thanks for this great article. I am came in legally with a B1B2 visa wch has expired. I'm currently engaged to a us citizen n im pregnant. We plan to get married soon and file for my change of status. Pls advise me on how to go about it, I'm living in fear now. Thank yu

  55. Thank you Chuck for your valuable advice. I have lived in the US since 1999, but for the last 5 years I have been working for an International Organization in Africa. I usually visit my 3 children, two or three times a year, using a visitors B1/B2 visa, currently valid till 2021. In 2004, I was arrested for Domestic violence in NJ against my wife (she's now an ex-wife). The judge granted me a carry over sentence of 6 months. My lawyer who had urged me to plead guilty explained that this was not jail term and that after 6 months, the record would be expunged. However, when I was renewing my visa, it was written NCIII hit does not affect visa. So Everytime I came to the US, I would be stopped briefly for questioning. This stopped in 2015 when I got a 5 year visa (maybe due to elapsing of 10 years since the conviction). My two questions; 1. Will this prevent me from being admitted to the US now? 2. If I am denied entry, can I be let to fly to Canada from Newark so my children (they are US citizens) can come to meet me there?

  56. Hi Mr Chuck thanks for the good job. In my own situation I just find out that my green card just expired because am about to travel for my father funeral then I call immigration office they me to fill for renewal on line and I should bring my passport to be stamp but I have a child support case and my driver license as been suspended because of child support payments and any time I travel before out usa they always stop me at the airport but later they let me go .My question now is that can I fill for both my green card renewal and and citizenship together because I don't know what can happen and I did not fill for my tax last two years and I have been arrested before for traffic offences. Help pls

  57. I have been told that once someone applies for citizenship and receives it, their nationality papers and such from their home country is shredded, there are no trace of having been a different nationality before getting naturalization in the States. It seems odd to me that the government would erase all trace of ones past citizenship. I'm wondering if that is true.

  58. I am a united states citizen by naturalization but originally from Nigeria,do I need to get a visa to visit Nigeria cos of the current government policy or just traveled with both passport ?

  59. Hello Mr. Kuck, Thank you for this article. My sister has TPS which will expire in July. She also has her 2 high school aged non-citizen daughters with her here. She's been here since 2010 or so. What advice do u have for her please? She's concerned that they may not renew her TPS. Please help!

  60. In my zeal to provide the documents to DHS sooner, I lost the passport.
    It might turn up at the Iranian interest office at Pakistani Embassy,
    but if it doesn't what are my options?

  61. I have been married to a US citizen for almost 10 years now. My husband didn't want to sponsor me to adjust my status because of a prior criminal activity and was afraid of being arrested. He is serving time in Prison now, is there a way of adjusting my status without his involvement? Thanking you in advance.

  62. Mr. Charles,
    I have concerns about 10 year green card for I never received mine and it has been 4 years since I removed my conditions . I get a renewal stamp every year on my passport . Last year when I went, the officer who issued the stamp said that there is no additional information needed. I have gone for 2 interviews already. I'm due for another renewal in a couple of months. Please advise on how to proceed going forward.

  63. Hi Mr Kuck, my sister has been in the US for about 17 years but did not renew her green card when it expired 7 years ago. She is now planning on renewing it within a few weeks, the fact that it has been 7 years, will she get in trouble or what should she expect going forward with the process of renewing and also what should she do if she was to be stopped by ICE (no criminal history)

  64. Newly applied for my greencard, I've been here for 7 years and have a 1 yr old son with my husband. Can I get deported despite newly applying for my greencard? What documents should I carry with me? Do I need to carry proof of application? What proof can I provide? I've only gotten an email indicating that my case was received.

  65. Hello Chuck, thanks for this valuable information. I have been in the US since 2001. I have 5 kids who are all US citizens. I'm currently on an order of supervision with ICE for the past 10 years. I had a criminal case back in 2003 when on TPS and ICE said it made me deportable.I don't have a felony. Long story short I was kept in custody for over 10 months. Despite me trying to appeal said criminal case ICE tried to deport me. In their quest to get me a travel document from Liberia,my country of birth they failed bcus the Liberian consulate told them I'm not a Liberian citizen bcus my father was a foreigner and not Liberian and the Liberian constitution states your are not a citizen if your father is a foreigner. ICE even set up a conference call with the Lebanon consulate (my deceased father was from lebanon) back in 2006 but of course I wasn't born there so they couldn't issue me a travel document. ICE released me and I have been on an order of supervision for over ten years where I report to ICE once or twice a year. My next check in is in March 2017 and I'm afraid cus i don't know what will happen. I have two sisters who are US citizens and all my kids are here. Both my parents are deceased. America has been my home the past 17 years. Please advise!

  66. Hi Mr. Kuck,
    I sent that question last week maybe u missed it. Hoping u can help me out pls.
    My sister have been leaving in the USA since 2009. She was granted TPS since she was here before the massive 2012 earthquake in Haiti. She's here with both of her children, they're in high school. Her TPS expires in July and she's concerned bcz by now she would've heard something as to how/when to get it renewed. Do u know if they're renewing TPS? If not, what should she do?

  67. I have spent almost half my life and definitely more than half of my adult life in America. I'm a citizen. Of America is good enough to live in then it's good enough to be a citizen of.

  68. Hi Mr Kuck

    Thank you for posting this. I'm a little worried. I have two arrests here, one justified and one not. First one is a dui over 5 years old and now expunged. The other is a drunk in public place which was dismissed due to no grounds for arrest. I have already spoken to a lawyer and he said it may be best to wait 2 years to apply for citizenship. Does this sound like good advice? I'm worried with the current situation. I don't drink anymore and my life is perfect now with a wonderful woman I am marrying in October.

  69. A relative is coming to the US next week for 5 months on tourist visa (this will be her second entry). She's got 2 years H1/H2 visa which won't expire until next year. Do you think there might be a problem with her coming? Could she be denied entry and sent back? If yes, what are the things to have in mind to get prepared or even avoid such. Or should she just stay back? Everything just sounds scary at this time. Thank you.

  70. Hello kuck I came to U.S. with b1/b2, I have applied for change of status to f1 with uscis through school. I am waiting for approval. What document do i carry along with me, also I hope it will not affect me.

  71. I live in Venezuela and my daughter is an US citizen, we aplply for the I 130, when we get the answer, do you sugest that we apply for the green card here in Venezuela or we better travel as tourist and apply there in USA ?

  72. So free legal advice told you to wait? Without a detailed look at your case by an experienced immigration lawyer it is nigh on impossible to advise you. Generally speaking an arrest is NOT grounds to deny naturalization if there was no conviction.

  73. i had came here with a B1 visa and overstayed my time and got married to a LPR holder and in my 3rd year of marriage I became VAWA and been approved and EAD approved too but lost in the mail. What shall I do now?

  74. Good day Mr. Kick. Thank you for this very informative blog. I am a naturalized US citizen. I have adopted a toddler from my home Island of Grenada, how can I bring my adopted child to the U.S with me on my next visit to Grenada. Things are very difficult under this new administration. Thanks

  75. Please I need your advice I enter United States 2yrs ago and I got married to a U.S. citizen late last year and submitted my AOS and Employment authorisation petition last year and I only have the receipt I'm yet to get my work authorisation card so what is my faith and what documents do I need to be safe

  76. I appreciate this advise and it so needed for so many because America is a land of immigrants. Even The President and his wife are immigrants. That being said as an immigrant it is not my right to be here so I guess I always knew in the back of my mind a time would could come like this because i can see how this world is spiraling in hate and fear. I am a permanent resident with a green card but my husband is a citizen and my children were born here in America. I feared this more when my kids were little but now that they are grown, I don't really fret as much. I am prepared for whatever Trump wants to do, and I am not fear filled or worried. The thing is America is not heaven and no place on this earth is going to be heaven for me. I just know that wherever I find myself I will make the most of it and will be more than okay. I am not going to live in fear or repining. I am going to take life as it comes and bloom wherever I am planted. That is where is my heart and mind is today.

  77. Hi Charles,

    My mother is an undocumented immigrant who has been in the United States for 32 years. My brother and I were born in the United States and are in college. At this time, we are both dependent on our mother. I would like to know if you have any advice about our situation and if you would be able to recommend a lawyer in Montgomery County, MD. Thank you.

  78. Hello Mr. Kuck my sister came here as minor without inspection didn't realize she didn't have legal status until she was 24 out mother applied for her but the approval letter was returned undeliverable when we finally found the receipt number and called USCIS to get a copy of it years had passed, the BBC told us since there were no response after 2 years the case was closed. My sister is now 34 and has the TPS for Haitian National can our mother who is now a US citizen re apply for her? AND is there really a six year waiting Period?

  79. Hi charles, I hadon't been granted an asylum status since 2010 and I applied for adjustment of status in 2013.for some reason my green card was put on hold (TRIG). So, I have a refugy travel documents, I am going for a vacation in France in march for 3 weeks, do you think this executive order ban will have an effect on my status when I will come back.

  80. This is a very helpful article. Are we allowed to make copies of our naturalization certificates? It is stated on mine, in red, that doing so without lawful authority is punishable by US law. Thanks.

  81. Hi Mr. Kuck
    Thanks for the valuable information. I have a flight scheduled to South America in 3 days and I would like to know if it is advisable to travel under my situation: I am a green card holder/permanent resident since 2015, graduate student, and professional worker. Back in 2012 I was charged with a DUI (charges were dismissed after a 6-month probation period as per PA law). After 4 months of the incident I was due for my H1-B visa renewal. By that time I had not received any court citation or police report (first court notice received on Jan 2013). The moment of the DUI I was taken to a local hospital (not to a police station) in a police patrol for blood sampling. At no moment I was fingerprinted or given any police citation or fine. By the time I filed my H1B renewal form (Nov 2012) I involuntarily omitted to mark YES to question: have you ever been convicted or arrested for a crime or offense? I involuntarily probably overlooked the question since I had no present that what happened constituted anything similar to a crime or even arrest. I had no knowledge of a DUI being a crime either. At some point a lawyer told me that I could be charged with fraud, which never happened. Once returning to the US, a TSA agent made me aware of the H1B form omission, said it was fraud and wanted to deport me, but finally let me in. Subsequently I have been called to secondary inspections at the airport before they let me in except for the last time, no secondary inspections at that time. Since the DUI incident I have had no issues, not even a parking ticket. My question is, under current environment, could they go back and revise my H1B application form of 2012? Could I ever be charged with fraud? Is that ground for deportation? Is it advisable to travel abroad in this situation? Thank you very much for your advice in advance!

  82. Dear lawyer
    I am permanent resident of USA with a 10 years green card. In 2012 I was detained by ICE after overstaying 3 weeks. I was released with a bind because I was getting married with my fiancé who is my husband now and we have a son of 2 years old. The court case was finished in 2013.
    Since then I went to visit my family once or twice per year without no problem.
    Now my friends tell me to don't go to visit my family next month because I will have problems to come back.
    Is that true?
    I have applied for the citizenship and still waiting for the interview appointment. And also my husband called ICE asking for my situation. They told I will not have any problem. Probably I will go to the room and stay longer to answer some questions.
    I am a little afraid because of my son. He is little to be without me. Please guide me what to do. Many thanks

  83. What a great blog post! I'll be sharing as widely as possible. Thank you!

    My friend is an LPR whose father naturalized while he was in grade school, making him a citizen by law. What's the best way for my friend to acquire proof of citizenship? His father's paperwork was stolen in a burglary and it is taking a long time to get another copy of his father's naturalization certificate.

  84. Am now happy happy and happy, my name is sherry from England I believe dr.uzor now, After so many comments on how dr.uzor helped alot of people got back their Ex, Jobs and properties, i contacted him and tell my story of how a lady broke my relationship, Been married for 8yrs and with 3kids, suddenly my Husband moved out and told me never to contact him again, i was so heart broken, depressed and sad, after all the story,dr.uzor told me to put my mind at rest and told me that all my problems will be solved within 2days , i was still hoping until dr.uzor called me again for my husbands picture and told me, i will have to get some items and i did all he asked me, on Sunday morning my husband came home by himself and knelt down to beg me, weeping bitterly and asked for forgiveness, i did forgive him and i told dr.uzor about everything and he said all he wants from me is to share the good news with the world so people out there , here is a prove that real casters are still online, for any kind of problems that need solutions, contact him: ( uzorspelltemple@gmail.com ) or you can still visit his web site http://www.uzorspelltemple.webs.com///

  85. Hi i am a permanent resedent of the usa i was planing to go to mexico tomorrow friday come back on staurday the 15 have 3 duis 9to 10 years ago and 1 in december 2105 my court fees are paid but still attending dui school is it going to affect me when i try to cross the border back to the usa

  86. My father is undocumented and had a deportation order but was not removed by uscis! They however asked him to visit an immigration officer every year in his state which his been doing for the last 6 years and they don't really say anything he however went today and they asked him to go back in 3 months with his passport . What could this possibly mean ?will he get deported ? This is 1st visit under the trump administration!!!
    Ps his got an approved i-130 and a reopened case for the deportation order . Does this help his case ???

  87. Is it true that a 21 year old can petition for a green card for their parent living in the US? Also is there a way to get that if you are a cancer patient? Thanks

  88. I am a Child Advocat, for 30 years.
    I work to help parents & Families stay together.
    Your article is a Godsend

    May I print it out to give to clients?
    Knowledge is power.
    Do you have these in Spanish, Arabic & Persian.. These are the populations
    I work with.

    1. Post
  89. I have read all the comments here and have not found and answer to quite a few peoples question whether or not I am automaticaly and American citizen because I’ve lived here over 20 years. ( came here illegally ))please answer this ?

    1. Post
  90. hi my name is paul I came here when I was ten my mom is a resident iam 37 and I have never went back to Honduras all my family is here I been with my American wife for 18 years marry 9 we have 3 beautiful kids my daughter is. 17 my son is 16 and my youngest is 13 I was giving a alien number when I was 17 they wrote it on my passport I have try to fix my papers but lost my job got and I have been scared cuz ice can and got me but we paid the bond and I got myself in trouble with the law but out of 27 this is my first time been in trouble which was 4 years ago can you help me please I don’t know Honduras I was a Lil boy and I love America I want to die here and fight for my country which is America please what can I do

  91. My son is here on a green card filed by his father who is my ex.
    I have filed for asylum but no word yet from authorities. I do however have work permit.
    My question is, can my son who is 21 file for me as his mother? If so how soon can he do it?

    1. Post
  92. A friend of mine was deported to Congo Africa. He was naturalized when he was a small boy by his sister who adopted him. He has been in America for 20 years or more. They deported him for a traffic violation. He can’t speak their language he has no family there. America is all he knows😭I feel like his rights were violated. He was naturalized and was given no due process. Just deported.

    1. Post

      There is zero chance your friend was naturalized and then deported, UNLESS he committed fraud to get his naturalization. There appears to be a confusion of facts here. You fried is always welcome to reach out for a consultation.

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