9 Questions To Ask Before You Hire an Immigration Attorney

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Given the current administration’s tightening and unrelenting enforcement of an already wildly complicated immigration system, it is essential to have excellent legal help on your side to successfully navigate the process toward finding immigration relief, permanent residence, and ultimately citizenship in the United States.  The question becomes, HOW do you find a great immigration lawyer to resolve my immigration problem?  …

Five Options TPS Holders Have to Remain in the United States When TPS Ends.

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By:  Charles H. Kuck, Managing Partner, Kuck Baxter Immigration.  Now that we know TPS is ending for Hondurans and El Salvadorans, it is essential that correct information about options be available.  Be very careful before choosing your path forward, and make sure you are talking to experienced immigration lawyers who understand both TPS and all of immigration law. 

DACA Update as of February 26, 2018

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If you’ve been reading the Kuck | Baxter Immigration Partners Blog this past month, then you’ve seen that we’ve been conscientiously following the legal and political roller coaster concerning the status of DACA. You can catch up on our blog posts with DACA status updates here, here, and here.

DACA Update as of February 15, 2017

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Here on the Kuck | Baxter Immigration Partners Blog, we have been posting timely blogs to keep our readers informed of the precarious status of DACA. Including this instant blog, we have now published three blogs about DACA’s current status.