Citizenship and Naturalization

The most common way for a foreign national to gain lawful status in the United States is through a temporary visa. However, for many, the ultimate goal is permanent residency and citizenship. This can be accomplished through naturalization. We offer high quality legal assistance to ensure your success through this long and complex process.

The eligibility requirements for naturalization is long, and sometimes ambiguous. We will help you understand what is required, and what you will need to do in order to meet those requirements. Our experienced immigration attorneys will also represent you in federal court on Mandamus or 336(b) actions, if that becomes necessary because of extended delays in deciding your case.

We will need to first collect information about your case and the specific details of your situation. It is imperative that you be completely honest and forthcoming (someone once said, never lie to your doctor or you lawyer), so that we can help you make the best possible legal decisions. To simplify the process of information gathering, we have a number of standard forms and questionnaires available on our website. On this page, you will find forms related to citizenship and naturalization, and well as documents with detailed information about the process. During your consultation, you may be asked to provide additional information and answer specific questions. The better we understand your case, the better we are able to serve you.

Any legal problems or challenges to your moral character can negatively impact your case, and possibly cause your request to be rejected. Therefore, it is important to be very careful with every part of the process. If you have ever been arrested or charged with a crime in the past, or if your situation changes in any other way, please contact our office immediately. Similarly, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We understand how intimidating the naturalization process can be, and how important your citizenship is to you.

Our practice is not just about legal services, it is about helping people just like you make their dreams become a reality. Contact us and consult with an experienced immigration attorney who can help you through this tedious and challenging process.