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Our clients are the foundation of our Firm. We put you first. We use our decades of direct experience in Immigration Law to work on each case in a collaborative, team approach. We ensure that our case preparation, process and even our communications with our clients are focused on ensuring that you know and understand what we are doing for you, why we are doing it, and when it will be done.



The exceptional team of immigration attorneys at Kuck | Baxter Immigration Partners provides detailed and accurate advice and legal representation in all aspects of immigration law. Our expertise encompasses all types of Business immigration matters for large and small businesses and investors, as well as inventors, students, doctors, employees, families, asylum seekers and those seeking to stay in the United States.



Every case that we take will benefit from our decades of legal experience. Our case preparation methods, collaborative approach, and standards of client communications were developed with the wisdom that comes from years of experience and dedication.

customer service

Customer Service

Our practice revolves around you, the client; your priorities are our priorities. Our office staff and deportation attorneys respond to emails and phone calls on the same day they are received, because that is the level of service that our clients deserve.

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  • My husband and I are both immigrants so we went to see many immigration lawyers and worked with some of them. No one was as good as Kuck and his team. They are very accurate and fast responding. We were extremely pleased with their work and highly recommend them.

    Analia Gismondi

  • My wife was arrested by ICE because she was under exclusion orders from the immigration in Atlanta. She was picked up by ICE from my home. It is amazing what this immigration attorney can do. He got my wife's charges dismissed and got her a green card. I had visited about three attorneys who could not help. If you have an immigration or deportation problem I would advice you to go see this guy. He is really amazing.

    Addo Mensah

  • Dear Atty. Baxter,

    Talking to you for the first time when I approached you and your good office to help me apply for my green card renewal seemed like yesterday, tho it has been years 🙂
    Now that I'm about to finally do my Oath taking soon, I cannot describe in words how ecstatic I am to finally be a U.S. Citizen like the rest of my family ( I don't have to have my picture taken anymore during cruise boardings, being the only green card holder, as my husband makes fun of me all the time, lol), and how thankful I am for all your help all this time.
    Thank you for answering all my questions and concerns during the process. Although sometimes, they may seemed like rhetorical questions, you still took the time to answer them with patience, giving me assurance and peace of mind.
     I hope you receive more great things as you have given others. Again, thank you very much! More power to you and your good office! Kudos to all the staffs involved, specially Jessica C. ♡

    Maria Theresa T.

  • When I began to pursue a green card for my wife, Yi Li Shin, I called three law firms who specialized in immigration law. When I spoke to Chuck Kuck I was impressed by the professionalism of his office. Yi Li and I visited soon thereafter and were even more impressed. He and Raymond Partolan immediately began to go to work. They, and indeed the entire office, were thorough, attentive, accurate and professional. Yi Li has been approved and we both are grateful for their excellent service.

    Former Congressman, John Linder

  • Dear Dustin, 

    I've received an email telling me that my green card is ready to be picked up.  I don't have enough words to thank you. You were brilliant, marvelous, wonderful, and very professional. Only God can pay you for what you've done. You're blessed! I will never forget all you have done, and the most amazing person you are.  Thank you so much!