DV-2021 Mandamus Litigation Onboarding Page

Thank you for your interest in being added to our litigation regarding forcing the State Department to adjudicate DV-2021 applications before 30 September 2021 or, if that doesn’t happen, to reserve the necessary visas to assure that all 55,000 are allocated to selectees.  This case is being co-counseled by the ImmPact Litigation group of law firms – Kuck Baxter, our firm, and our partner firms Siskind Susser and Joseph & Hall.

THE DEADLINE FOR JOINING THE CASE IS APRIL 5, 2021 (March 29th if you would like the lower litigation fee).  

If you are interested in participating please do the following:

STEP 1 – Download the FAQ and make sure you understand what the case is about, how the plaintiff fee works, and what we hope to accomplish, and who is likely to benefit from the case and who is not. The document is here. Note that the fee if you sign on as a plaintiff before March 29, 2021 at 11:59 central time is $1500 and if you sign up after that it is $2000.

STEP 2 – Complete our engagement letter generator app at https://gsiskind.app.law/dv-2021-mandamus-case-engagement-letter-generator.  It will allow you to download the engagement letter for your records at the end and automatically send the signed agreement to us.

STEP 3 – Make your $1500 ($2000 if done after March 29th) plaintiff fee payment online at https://www.immigrationissues.com/payment-federal-litigation/.

STEP 4 – Create a declaration describing your situation and why you’re suing. You can create this using our Litigation Declaration Builder app at https://gsiskind.app.law/dv-case-declaration-builder.

Once you have done each of these things, we’ll review and make sure you’re eligible for the case. We’ll let you know if there is a problem, but if you hear nothing from us, assume you’re okay. We will send out an email automatically after you complete the engagement letter confirming you are a plaintiff in the case. We will send out a letter before we file confirming we have everything we need (or asking for anything we’re missing) and we’ll send out an additional notification once we file the lawsuit.

Please do NOT tell the KCC or the consulate you are a plaintiff in our litigation until we specifically tell you that is okay.

Please note that you will update us on your case by using the form here.

We hope to file within one to two weeks of the deadline for joining the case as a plaintiff.

We are looking forward to fighting on your behalf.