Immigration News and Updates for February 2019

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The Government is not shut down AND H-1B Premium Processing is back (mostly). Even though USCIS was not closed during the shutdown, it seemed like the agencies workflows did slow down. We are at the worst processing times in a decade, for now apparent reason other than to slow down legal immigration. On a happier note, USCIS restored premium processing …

E-Verify Program is Back on the Web: What Employees and Employers Need to Do

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ATLANTA, Georgia. Under the E-Verify program, employers can confirm immediately that their employees are eligible to work in the U.S. using E-Verify’s electronic system. During the government shutdown E-Verify’s operations had been suspended. Now that the government is back online, E-Verify is back on the web. What do you need to know if you are an employer or employee?

What You Need to Know About the Medical Exam for Your Green Card

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If you are applying for a green card, one of the important steps you’ll need to take is to undergo a medical exam from a doctor approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Individuals applying for a green card from within the U.S. must use a doctor approved by the USCIS (the agency provides a directory where individuals can find …

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program: What You Need to Know

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ATLANTA, Georgia. In 2020, 50,000 visas were made available under the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. While President Trump has threatened to end the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, the U.S. Department of State Website notes that individuals who entered for 2019 visas, and were notified that they have been selected have until September 30, 2019 to complete their processing and enter …

New Supreme Court Case Could Affect Immigration Law

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If you are applying for an H1-B or are looking to apply for a work visa, a new case before the Supreme Court could have a major impact on how USCIS is permitted to interpret its own ambiguous rules and regulations. When it comes to H1-B applications and other immigration applications, many cases are left up to individual immigration officers …

Proposed Changes to H1-B Visa May Favor Tech Companies and Highest Paid Workers

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A proposed rule change to the way the H1-B visa lottery is run could increase the odds that workers with graduate and doctoral degrees receive the visa, while making it harder for workers with only undergraduate degrees or workers without advanced degrees to secure a visa. Currently, there are two lottery systems in place for the H1-B. Individuals with doctoral …

Managing Anxiety While Your Immigration Application is Being Processed

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ATLANTA, Georgia. Uncertainty about your immigration status or the status of your immigration application can be incredibly stressful. The stress that immigrants experience is a well-studied phenomenon. Psychology Today calls it “acculturative stress.” Adjusting to living in a new country brings with it changes. When you have the added requirement to submit to additional paperwork and scrutiny just to be …

Federal Appeals Court Says Trump Administration Cannot End DACA

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ATLANTA, Georgia. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals protects undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children. Under DACA, these children are granted deferred removal proceedings and are granted a green card which allows them to come out of the shadows and work legally in the U.S. For many DACA children who were brought illegally into the country, DACA …

Does the Trump “Public Charge” Rule Penalize Immigrants from Using the Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit?

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ATLANTA, Georgia. According to legal immigrants are entitled to receive health care coverage under the health insurance marketplace. The groups that are entitled to receive health insurance include U.S. citizens, U.S, nationals, and immigrants who are lawfully present in the U.S. Undocumented immigrants are not entitled to purchase health care coverage under the insurance marketplace. Furthermore, undocumented immigrants are …